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Singing Valentines

Live Singing Valentines

Quartets from Capital City Chorus will once again be filling offices, homes, businesses, and restaurants with the sound of four-part harmony as they deliver SINGING VALENTINES on Tuesday, February 14. Singing Valentines (2 songs) will be delivered in person in the Indianapolis Metro area and surrounding counties. If your loved one or friend lives too far away for an in-person delivery, but can be reached by phone, we can deliver a "ringing" Valentine over the phone. (Continental US only.) You can choose a Singing Valentine "style", either romantic or friendly, and the quartet will perform 2 appropriate songs from their repertoire for your recipient.


Video Singing Valentines

We are pleased to once again be able to provide Video Singing Valentines to loved ones who do not live near enough to receive a live Singing Valentine or aren't easily reached via phone. They will be able to access their Video Singing Valentine by clicking on a link that will be e-mailed to them. A personal text message to the recipient can also accompany the video Singing Valentine.



  • Live Singing Valentines consisting of 2 songs can be delivered to your loved one for only $40. We can deliver to your loved one's home, work, school or other location. For delivery at a specific time, the cost is $60.
  • Video Singing Valentines can be sent via a link in an email for $15 for one song. This is the best choice for a loved one who lives or is stationed outside the continental US.
  • Live "Ringing Valentines" delivered over the phone for $20 for two songs. Perfect for your friend or loved one who doesn't reside in the Indianapolis area. (Continental US only)

To order a Singing Valentine:

  • Talk to any CCC member.
  • Call Valentine Central at 317-241-SONG (7664) and leave your contact information. Someone will follow up with you to get the details.

Download a flyer to share with your friends!

Listen to a radio interview about Capital City Chorus and our Singing Valentines project.

To hear a sample of some of the songs available for delivery, click on the song title below (requires a music player that supports MP3 files such as iTunes, RealPlayer or QuickTime Player):

A Valentine Story

It's Valentine's Day, and Fred is busy sorting out the schedule for the mechanics in the Service Department. It's going to be a killer of a day--the thermometer has dipped to 10 degrees, and five cars are waiting to have their tired old batteries replaced. Carl has called in sick, Joe wants to get off early because he has to pick up the kids at school today (they can't stand outside waiting for a bus in 10-degree weather, can they?), and the boss is on his case to get these batteries done! Can anything salvage this day?

"Fred, there are some women here to see you." Oh, great, it's probably more dead batteries, there's all this work to finish, and he really doesn't have time for interruptions. But wait! His fellow mechanics are standing there, grinning. What's this all about? Then here they come--four women, all dressed alike and wearing smiles that say, "Your day just got better." "Happy Valentine's Day, Fred! We have a gift for you from your wife!" Then they break into song--Let Me Call You Sweetheart, in four-part harmony, no less!

As the song ends, the Service Department crew claps and whistles. "That was perfect!" "These gals are pretty good, aren't they?" "I saw them on TV earlier this week--this is great!" Fred, all 220 pounds of him, says, "I can always count on Marie to come up with something crazy and fun--now get these batteries finished so I can go shopping for a gift for her!"

This scene will be repeated dozens of times at offices, restaurants, schools, retail shops, and homes as quartets from Capital City Chorus deliver singing greetings on Valentines Day. The annual tradition is one of the most popular events on our chorus calendar, and every year produces new stories about the most memorable delivery of the day. We create a crowd around the cubicle of the office manager, whose boyfriend has surprised her by actually remembering Valentine's Day. We trigger a long-forgotten musical memory in the 90-year-old nursing home resident, who sings along with us. We surprise the teacher whose second-grade students giggle at the thought that their teacher actually has a sweetheart! We bring tears to the eyes of Mom and Dad, whose children send a valentine to thank them for their love through the years. We don't just deliver songs; we deliver fun, love, and laughter.